Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies.

# 2 The Amazing Spider-Man

    Back again with  MY most anticipated movies of this year. If you wanna see 5 through 3 go ahead and take a look down. Coming in at number 2 is The Amazing Spider-Man!  Spiderman came out in 2002 and a lot of people liked it, but it felt a little childish. This movie promises to show the darker side of the web slinger.
It seems to be taking the Dark Knight road of being really dark and trying to be more realistic as far as human interaction goes.

    Andrew Garfield is playing Spider-Man in the 2012 version. I don't know a lot from him, but i know he was in Dr.Who and The Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassuss. I guess we will have to see how that ends up. Emma stone is playing Gwen Stacy. In the comics Gwen is the love of Spider-Man's life before he meets Mary Jane. The 2002 movie took a strange twist on her, so i'm curious to see what they do with this. The villain in the movie is played by Rhys Ifans. He plays a scientist who peter helps with an experiment that turns him into "The Lizard". We haven't seen the lizard in a movie yet either.

All around i would say i am very curious about this movie. Emma stone is a babe. Andrew Garfield is a nobody to me, and Rhys Ifans seems like he will make a decent villain. I can't wait to check this one out.


  1. Great, I like the change. Btw my favorite superhero is Spiderman... after Chuck...