Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the Rileys

   This one is a little strange for me for the reason that i got a bad vibe from Kristen Stewart because of twilight, but i'm a big fan of James Gandolfini. I'll dive right in to this one. Gandolfini stars a man named Doug who is a rather broken man. His wife won't leave the house and panics ALL the time, and he is having an affair with a woman from work. Doug is struggling with a lot of emotions because of the death of his teenage daughter. 

   Doug goes on a buisness trip to New Orleans where he runs into a stripper named Alison(Played by Kristen Stewart). She looks a lot like his dead daughter and he feels like he has to help her. She is 16, lives in a shitty house, and gets taken advantage of all the time. Doug decided to pay her 100$ a day just to live with her.

  The movie is actually really good in my opinion. Gandolfini really takes the spotlight here, but it is kind of like sickingly nice to hear the girl from twilight dirty talk and talk about giving head and doing anal.

I'll leave a trailer here :

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

So watched another movie fresh to DvD and i thought i would share my thoughts. This film is from Adam Sandler and his whole crew, and i have to say i enjoyed it. It seems that every movie that has come out of Happy Madison Productions has kind of been a sink for me, but boy this one caught my eye.
  So the movie starts with Bucky Larson getting fired from his grocery store job in the Midwest. To get him cheered up his friends invited him over for a movie night.They find out that Bucky has never spanked it before, so they put on some porno they find. They are all shocked to find that Bucky's parents are pornstars from the 70's. This sparks a wild dream in bucky to move to LA and become a porn star. He rents a room with Kevin Nealon who REALLY makes this movie for me. Everything he says is hilarious. Well bucky is picked up by a director named "Miles Deep" who hopes he will be a start like his parents.

  I don't normally enjoy movies that try TOO hard to be funny, but this movies really made me laugh. I would highly recommend. Just don't watch it with the family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot Neighbor

So today i found out that my hot neighbor with the annoying rat dog has a thing for Asians. Today it was a nice day so i thought i would let some air in. I open my window to a new car parked right outside my neighbor's house. She doesn't have any curtains on her windows and that always struck me as a little off. I noticed a lot of movement in the window and the first thing i thought. She is getting it on. I mean she is a nice looking woman. roughly 120 pounds, curvy body, and some giant boobs. So naturally she normally brings home a lot of douche looking guys.

Getting a little off subject here....So i saw some movement up there. So i thought nothing much of it. Until I saw the naked torso of a brownish Asian man! He was really awkward looking. Classic nerdy Asian thing going on , but anyways i am almost 100% sure that they were doing it. She could get any fucking douchy looking meat head she wants and she goes for some nerdy Asian.

I guess i better get good at star craft

Saturday, January 14, 2012


  Alright i just got done watching another movie......Again this isn't a review.  50/50 stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a 27 year old man. He is very healthy and follows all the rules and is a general push over. This is until he notices his back hurts and goes in for an appointment. He soon finds out that he has cancer. A large tumor is growing down his spine. All the medical books say the chance of survival is 50%. The whole movie is him going through the stages of cancer and trying to maintain his normal life. His best friend is played by Seth Rogen and he is kind of his right hand man. He is always trying to get him laid and kind of make him forget he has cancer.  Levitt goes through the normal "I'm gunna die soon stuff" like trying to connect with his mother, Being a better friend, and spend time with his girlfriend.  

  I won't spoil anything just in case, but the one flaw i found is that i never really gave a shit. You never know if he is going to live or die, but i honestly didn't care. I found it hard to connect with any of the characters at all in fact. I mean i wouldn't pay money to see this if i hadn't already, but i guess it was Ok.....out of 5.

Monday, January 9, 2012


  I just started this blog at the end of last year, so i have missed a lot of things that were once relevant to me. Luckily i enjoy nostalgia. Bioshock was released on August 21, 2007. Honestly i can't even imagine it has been that long, but here we are. The game was released 2 years after xbox 360. While i was replaying i noticed a few things. 

1. The graphics are still really nice.
2. The combat controls it made were fantastic.
3. The setting is amazing. The game is based in the 1960s in an underwater city.

 The story starts with you(Jack) on a plane ride across the Atlantic ocean. suddenly the plane crash lands in the ocean. You happen to be the only survivor. You swim across to a light house you see in the middle of the ocean. There is a little sub inside that takes you underwater where you see the city of Rapture. Rapture is a place made by "Andrew Ryan". Ryan made this city to escape from the politics of the 1960's world. He says every man should be entitled to the work he does. 

So you end up getting contacted by a man named Atlas. All Atlas wants is to get his family and get out, and he needs your help. As you begin your adventure you find something called "Plasmids" These give you several different  powers that you get as you progress through the game. 

Plasmids are not all fun though. Most of the people of rapture have been turned into drug addicts who would do anything for more "Atom". Atom allows you to use plasmids. 

The game has a lot of story and is overall a very fun experience. Right now Bioshock: 2 is out and Bioshock Infinite is coming out this year. So if you haven't played the original i would recommend it

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Big Bang

   So i have been in a movie watching mood lately, so i have been watching a bunch of strange movies. Today i just happened to watch The Big Bang. Antonio Banderas stars as a private eye who isn't liking how is job is going. This is until a 8 foot man enters his office and demands that he find a woman who had been writing him when he was in prison. The girl that he is looking for is a former stripper named Lexie Persimmon. The only problem is that no one has seen her in 5 years. The letters she writes from have no return address and the strip joint she used to dance at hasn't seen her either.

     The story gets really strange and looped together , but i would defiantly say that this move was worth the view. There is a lot of nudity in the movie so i wouldn't watch this with the family, but it caught my attention for the two hour run time.

Monday, January 2, 2012


  I don't really do movie reviews and i would hardly call this one, but here i go. I watched the movie Melancholia today and this has to be one of the most depressing movies that has ever been made EVER! It stars Kirsten Dunst as Justine. The movie start at Justine's wedding. Everyone is having fun and it is all happy go lucky! Well naturally things have to take a turn for the worst! At the after party a few of the party people look through a telescope and see something next to the moon. This turns out to be a planet named "Melancholia". The planet is on a crash course through the solar system and the whole movie no one is sure if it will hit or not.

   So it is already bad enough that a planet could any minute hit earth and wipe out everything, but i forgot to mention that Justine(Kirsten Dunst) suffers from depression. So not only does she have to deal with the fact that she could die at any minute, but she doesn't even know if she wants to live in the first place....


  Everyone dies