Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Strange Night...

    So last night i was sitting alone in my house watching some movies. Over the night i had been hearing some noise outside, but assumed it was nothing. Around 2:11 A.M  i heard a knock on my door. I hesitantly opened the door, and my neighbor was leaning against my door clenching his stomach. He was clearly holding a wound of some sort, and i could see the blood on his fingers. I asked him what had happened and he told me that him and his wife had got into an argument. He told me about how she was talking about how she just wanted "us" time with him and how it slowly turned into a yelling contest. She started to throw kitchen appliances at him and he knocked them away and grabbed her. He told her to stop, but she kept yelling and broke free ran for the sink and grabbed a knife. She flat out stabbed him in the stomach!

    The cops arrived at my place and took my neighbor to the hospital. My neighbor's wife was still at her house watching television . She was taken away to jail where she spent the night. I didn't get too much information about it, but apparently she is going to live with her mother now. As for my neighbor he called me today and told me that he needed 42 stitches on his stomach. He is currently at home resting and waiting for court to settle. He says he just wants a divorce, but this kind of thing has happened before.

    This isn't normal activity for my neighborhood. I don't live in some "Redneck trailer park" or anything like that. This is just a story about something crazy that happened to me in my small  town where nothing really goes on. Well i guess you never know how people really act until you see the worst of them. All i got from this experience is a nice story and a reminder to lock my doors at night.


  1. Damn that's crazy

  2. Well.. That's life for you, unexpected and random. It also goes to show you that everybody is fucking crazy!

  3. nice, looking to read more from you. good read