Saturday, December 3, 2011

The MMO Race.

So it is the start of December and that means we are only a few weeks away from the new Star Wars mmo. Now one thing i hate is when a new mmo comes out and someone says it will "Kill WoW". A lot of games have come and gone and World of Warcraft is still going strong. While it is true that a lot of subscribers have left WoW, the game still has roughly 10 million subscribers. I mean people say that it has lost a shit ton, but most games don't have that much to lose! Even after its giant loses it still has more subscribers than almost any mmorpg.

What i will say is that i think Star Wars will do fine. I think WoW will be going strong into its next expansion as well. As far as WoW dying goes, the only thing that will kill wow is wow.


  1. NO I DISAGREE. I do not think luke Skywalker is gay. And even if he was. He would still the "one".
    I know he would still be the "one" cuz Morpheus said so.
    Great post

  2. I try not to jump on the MMO hype train. You're always going to be disappointed. Last great MMO I played was Asheron's Call. That's right! I took it back to 1999.

  3. I feel ya, everything's a wow killer. Personally I hope their game takes a turn for the worst but, till then SWTOR!

  4. WoW is still going on because it is an addiction to stupid fat people, and we all know there are many of those around, especially in the US

  5. i never play wow and i never want to play :)=