Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Centralia, Pennsylvania

  A little late but i thought i would post my idea of a very creepy place to spend Halloween night. I live just outside of Pittsburgh so this place is actually within driving distance for me. Basically if you have never heard of the place Centralia is a small borough in the state of Pennsylvania. The thing that makes this small place a scary hot spot for Halloween is the fact that underneath it is a raging mine fire that has been going strong since 1962. Its unknown how the fire started but people have theorys. The main one is that a group of firefighters were given the task of destroying a near by landfill. They lit the fire as they did every year, but this time the fire wasn't put out right.

    The population has slowly dropped since 1962. Today the population is now 10 down from 1000 in 1981. If you go to Centralia the one thing you will notice is that some roads seem just fine and paved over, but some are all cracked,ruined, and smoke billows from the seams of the roads. Pennsylvania Route 61 has some abandoned roads doing just that. A few roads are even hot to the touch.

   Spending a night in Centralia to me would be like living a night in the game Silent Hill. The place is spooky and is just strange all together. Even looking down at a Google map of the place makes shivers go down my spine!

      So sure the outside is creepy and you would have to pay me a large amount of money to stay there for a night, but think about inside the mine! Readings show some of the hot spots at  187°F! Of course most parts are collapsed plus the Carbon monoxide and heat would kill anyone, but the thought of being down there for even a minute is a very eerie thought.


    Centralia at first glance may seem like a normal ghost town  (If there is such a thing) but my advice is that if you are looking for that eerie feeling or chill down your spine then take a walk around some of the abandon roads a night. I know i wont.


  1. Yeah, I've heard about that place. Creepy.

  2. I have heard of this place, I want to visit it when I get the time.

  3. That is some nightmare stuff right there. Creepy!

    I love it ahah xD

  4. Whoa, so creepy! I had no idea a place like this existed! Can't believe a mine fire is still going from the 1960s...

  5. What a shame they never really worked to put that mine fire out. It might have been successful if they had attempted to extinguish it when it first started. There was also a mine fire right outside Mt. Carmel, which was put out by my Dad and his fellow workers. That one was much smaller, fortunately. Centralia was such a nice little town before the fire started............a friendly population, with everyone knowing everyone else. Somewhere along the way someone planted wild flowers in all the areas where homes used to be, and it beautiful to see when they are blooming.