Sunday, November 20, 2011

Neighbor Troubles Again

   So if you have read my earlier post, then you know that i have a neighbor who has a crazy ass wife. I hardly know this neighbor by the way. We met a few weeks ago and ever since he comes to my house when his wife gets all nuts. The first "event" was his wife actually stabbing him in the stomach. I made a post about it if you want more details, but on Tuesday i was sitting at home about to go to sleep when i hear a knock on my door. I already knew it was a bad idea to open it, but i felt bad. Of course it was my neighbor. This time he didn't have stab wound, but he just said he wanted to hang out.
      We hung out for 30 minutes or so....It was mostly talking about his crazy ass wife. Anyway we were talking and i hear a knock on my door AGAIN. Well i open it again and two cops are standing there. I guess his wife called them or something ,but he went to talk to them for a bit. Then i heard a knock on my back door. That one was a little confusing. Well i got and open it and there is nobody there.

   After a small search around my backyard the two cops found my neighbors wife. She started yelling about something, but i wasn't interested. This isn't really the wildest story ever, but they took her away to jail AGAIN. The reason this is so strange is the fact that i have never met his wife. So it was really really creepy that she knocked on my door.

  I'll be sure to keep you updated on the creepy wife situation though...


  1. Wow, what a crazy lady. Have you ever seen her? Perhaps she doesn't even exist and you're becoming schizophrenic. Perhaps M. Night Shyamalan will make a movie about you.

  2. I'd just take the wife and bone her. be done with her

  3. I had a crazy lady who lived next door to me for a few months when I was renting an apartment. Shed slam her doors, scream at her husband and kids and just be generally hateful. I finally broke down and told her to shut the !@$# up and stop slamming doors and screaming all the time. She called the police on me, lol. Cops show up and I find out she told them I was high and threatening her. I told the cops to talk to her for 2 mins and be the judge. He came back after a few mins and advised me to move. Good advice.

  4. everyone have the same problem...

  5. Yes, everyone have same problem!