Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the Rileys

   This one is a little strange for me for the reason that i got a bad vibe from Kristen Stewart because of twilight, but i'm a big fan of James Gandolfini. I'll dive right in to this one. Gandolfini stars a man named Doug who is a rather broken man. His wife won't leave the house and panics ALL the time, and he is having an affair with a woman from work. Doug is struggling with a lot of emotions because of the death of his teenage daughter. 

   Doug goes on a buisness trip to New Orleans where he runs into a stripper named Alison(Played by Kristen Stewart). She looks a lot like his dead daughter and he feels like he has to help her. She is 16, lives in a shitty house, and gets taken advantage of all the time. Doug decided to pay her 100$ a day just to live with her.

  The movie is actually really good in my opinion. Gandolfini really takes the spotlight here, but it is kind of like sickingly nice to hear the girl from twilight dirty talk and talk about giving head and doing anal.

I'll leave a trailer here :

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  1. seems very well done and emotional. great review!