Monday, January 23, 2012

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

So watched another movie fresh to DvD and i thought i would share my thoughts. This film is from Adam Sandler and his whole crew, and i have to say i enjoyed it. It seems that every movie that has come out of Happy Madison Productions has kind of been a sink for me, but boy this one caught my eye.
  So the movie starts with Bucky Larson getting fired from his grocery store job in the Midwest. To get him cheered up his friends invited him over for a movie night.They find out that Bucky has never spanked it before, so they put on some porno they find. They are all shocked to find that Bucky's parents are pornstars from the 70's. This sparks a wild dream in bucky to move to LA and become a porn star. He rents a room with Kevin Nealon who REALLY makes this movie for me. Everything he says is hilarious. Well bucky is picked up by a director named "Miles Deep" who hopes he will be a start like his parents.

  I don't normally enjoy movies that try TOO hard to be funny, but this movies really made me laugh. I would highly recommend. Just don't watch it with the family.

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  1. I would rather chop my left arm off then watch an Adam Sandler movie. The only movire i would watch of Adam Sandlers is if they filmed his execution.
    But thanks for the review I love this post :)