Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot Neighbor

So today i found out that my hot neighbor with the annoying rat dog has a thing for Asians. Today it was a nice day so i thought i would let some air in. I open my window to a new car parked right outside my neighbor's house. She doesn't have any curtains on her windows and that always struck me as a little off. I noticed a lot of movement in the window and the first thing i thought. She is getting it on. I mean she is a nice looking woman. roughly 120 pounds, curvy body, and some giant boobs. So naturally she normally brings home a lot of douche looking guys.

Getting a little off subject here....So i saw some movement up there. So i thought nothing much of it. Until I saw the naked torso of a brownish Asian man! He was really awkward looking. Classic nerdy Asian thing going on , but anyways i am almost 100% sure that they were doing it. She could get any fucking douchy looking meat head she wants and she goes for some nerdy Asian.

I guess i better get good at star craft


  1. You better get over there and and be like "WHEN YOU GONNA LET ME CLAP DEM CHEEKS! B-B-BACK DAT ASS UP!". Hell it is working for Boltzz; you can get some! :o